so here's the thing, people.

in everything (most things.) (some things.) (not many things at all.) that i do, i try and be creative and EEEEEDDDDGGGGGYYYY and whatever. hence that weird blog title thing. i don't even know what that means. is it live as in to be alive or live as in to be present and in person? i dunno. don't ask me.
and then this whole no-capital-letters thing.
and then the banner. brendon urie and some burlesque chick, aka drawing i screen-shotted from deviant art.

i'm an idiot. have fun with your life.
i think that's how i'm going to end my blogs now. what do we think?

QOTD: is the no-capital-letters thing edgy or just ghey?


books of 2009.

2009 is coming to a close, and to recognize the ending of this year, i am going to list some books that have really stood out to me these past 12 months.

no particular order.

they didn't necessarily come out in 2009, that's just when i read them.

  • generation dead (david waters)
  • paper towns (john green)
  • the bermudez triangle (maureen johnson)
  • peeps (scott westerfeld)
  • looking for alaska (john green)
  • perks of being a wallflower (stephen chbosky)
i thought there would be more, but i guess that's it.




once a year, it is christmas. once a year, i receive christmas gifts. one year, this one, i will list the things i have gotten. not to brag or anything. i just thought you might be interested.

  • flight of the conchords cd: "i told you i was freaky"
  • paramore cd: "brand new eyes"
  • the sims 2
  • the office dvd, season one
  • mini camcorder
  • skullcandy headphones
  • stripey water bottle
  • sticky hand thingy
  • zombie finger puppets
  • "m" jewel pin
  • $10 claire's gift card (don't make fun of me, this is where i get half of my jewelry)
  • $20 hot topic gift card
  • zombie outbreak survival kit
  • converse sporting the colors and logo of my college football team of choice
  • mini notebook with pretty floral-ish print
  • heart-shaped plaque with the following quote: "a daughter is someone who reaches for your hand and forever touches your heart"
  • two christmas pencils
  • toy airplanes
  • a circular blue plaque that says: "dream big"
  • flight of the conchords dvd, season two
  • a giant black pencil case
  • five thousand multicolored plastic bangle-things
  • a bicycle
more to come, blog readers (all zero of you)



So, I just watched this parody video about Twitter, and now I am going to share my views. 1.) People who say that it's narcissistic to tweet don't really understand the full extent of being able to tweet. Sure, some people only say what they're doing, and everyone tweets the boring "I'm eating a sandwich" type thing now and then. But some people say really inspiring things on Twitter, and some people can use Twitter to express themselves. 2.) For a lot of people, including myself, the aforementioned "I'm eating a sandwich" thing isn't tweeted because we think people care, it's because we have fun saying mundane things like that. A few minutes ago, when I tweeted about the muffin I ate, did I think anyone would care? Hell no. But it was fun (well, that particular tweet wasn't fun, it's all of the tweeting overall that's fun, if you see what I mean). 3.) People who think we should email friends or call them to see what they're doing don't see that we don't specifically follow people to know what they're doing. If one of my friends only said what she was doing all the time, and I didn't care, I wouldn't follow her. But I'm pretty sure every person I'm following has interesting tweets that relate to things I care about, not just what that person is doing. 4.) [this is more my opinion/my personal experience] Pretty much everyone who doesn't see the point in Twitter seems to think that Twitter is the only way we communicate with our friends. They say we should call or email our friends to see how they're doing instead of "following them on Twitter." Well, yeah, I agree. And that's why Twitter isn't the only way I talk to my friends. I use Twitter AS WELL as email and talking on the phone and stuff like that. So, yeah, that's my opinion. You may not agree with it, and that's fine with me. I just get irritated when people don't understand the way we use Twitter, they stick with the surface-level meaning and usage of tweeting. And it seems like there have been less parodies of Twitter and such since Twitter first became really popular, but they're still there, so I feel it's not too late to make this statement.


who else is working on nanowrimo?

i'm about 1500 words into it, and i'm sharing small excerpts with allyson and mariah, because they've been online a few times today.
i'm loving my novel.
i won't tell anyone what it's about, but i added two characters i didn't know i was going to have.